I have maintained an art practice since 1980 and lecturing since 1990.  In 2009 I stopped teaching and began working  full–time on my practice. This practice is primarily drawing but involves performance and site specificity and employs a wide range of materials; marker pen, pastels, pencil, various surfaces (different papers, walls, floors and ceilings), grease, grate polish and Vaseline . The drawings are not defined by material, process, scale, media, line, surface or colour but by the body reaching out and touching the world as a basic human need.  All the drawings are essentially  performative, as the act takes precedence over the outcome. Repetition is a defining operation and developed through carrying out simple, often absurd and impossible tasks.

I also work with assemblage; balancing and leaning objects together to the point of collapse. These temporary structures are a continuation of drawings rather than sculpture and are based on the simple question of what happens if I balance this object on that object.


2010:  PG Cert in Professional Arts Practice

2004:  Certificate of Education University of Derby

2002:  MA Fine Art Sheffield Hallam University

1978:  Chesterfield College Of Art Diploma in Studio Ceramics


Fine Art (solo)

2012: Insisting Over Skin, Drawing After Surface:   Kingsgate Gallery, London (with Robert Luzar)

2012: White Lines Drawn on Grey Oblong Painted on a White Wall:   HMS Gallery Nottingham

2011: Standing Up, Lying Down:  Backlit Gallery, Nottingham

Fine Art (group)

2011: 4can+2:    Surface Gallery, Nottingham

2010:  Scale:     The Fishmarket, Northampton.

2010:  Backlit Studio Members:    Backlit Gallery, Nottingham.

2008:   Not on White Paper:    Malt Cross Nottingham.

2007:   See D:   Surface Gallery, Nottingham.

2002:   A Thin Brightness:    Persistence Works, Sheffield.

2000:   Guest House Twenty:     UTK: Various domestic locations in Sheffield.

1999:   Infected Materials: Eastend Art Gallery, Leeds