Wall Drawing, Bearing grease mixed with pigment.  Installed at Backlit Gallery Alfred House, Nottingham. October 2011. The work relates to the relationship of my body to a specific architectural space.

      The dimensions of the blue drawing on the pillar (standing up) conforms to the height of my body, with  my arms streched above my head, the diameter of the circle on the floor is the length of my foot. The work was enaacted by smearing blue pimented bearing grease on the piller moving slowy around and  down the pillar to the base and out to the edge of the circle using small repetitive circular movements

      The dimensions of the red drawing on the wall and floor (lying down) conform to the length , width and depth of my body, bent into the recess of the wall. The work was enacted by smearing red pigmented bearing grease in small, repetitive circular movements

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