I have maintained an art practice since 1980, initially in ceramics before moving into fine art. This practice, by necessity, has been supported by working,first as a postman than as an art and design lecturer. In 2009 I stopped teaching and began working  full–time on my practice. This practice is primarily drawing but involves performance and site specificity and employs a wide range of materials; marker pen, pastels, pencil, various surfaces (different papers, walls, floors and ceilings), grease, Vaseline, and grate polish. The drawings are not defined by material, process, scale, media, line, surface or colour but rather to do with the body reaching out and touching the world as a basic human need.  All the drawings are essentially  performative, as the act takes precedence over the outcome. Repetition is a defining operation and developed through carrying out simple and often absurd and impossible tasks.

I also work with assemblage, balancing and leaning objects together to the point of collapse. These temporary structures emerge from  the drawings and are based on the simple question of what happens if I put this object next to this object.


2010:  PG Cert in Professional Arts Practice

2004:  Certificate of Education University of Derby

2002:  MA Fine Art Sheffield Hallam University

1978:  Chesterfield College Of Art Diploma in Studio Ceramics


Fine Art (solo)

2012: Insisting Over Skin, Drawing After Surface:   Kingsgate Gallery, London (with Robert Luzar)

2012: White Lines Drawn on Grey Oblong Painted on a White Wall:   HMS Gallery Nottingham

2011: Standing Up, Lying Down:  Backlit Gallery, Nottingham

Fine Art (group)

2011: 4can+2:    Surface Gallery, Nottingham

2010:  Scale:     The Fishmarket, Northampton.

2010:  Backlit Studio Members:    Backlit Gallery, Nottingham.

2008:   Not on White Paper:    Malt Cross Nottingham.

2007:   See D:   Surface Gallery, Nottingham.

2002:   A Thin Brightness:    Persistence Works, Sheffield.

2000:   Guest House Twenty:     UTK: Various domestic locations in Sheffield.

1999:   Infected Materials: Eastend Art Gallery, Leeds


1994:   New Ceramics (solo):   Craft Potters Association Gallery, London

1993:  Between Here and There (solo):  Hart Gallery, London

1990:  British Ceramics in Norway (group touring show): Bergen/Trondheim/Stavanger]

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